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What is Kollection?

Organised every first Fridays of the month from 6pm to 1am,  Kollection is the name for the new afterwork in Monaco. Local and international Djs make you discover their Vinyl Kollection and offer quality music on vinyls only. Reserved for the 25+, Kollection is asking its guests to B.Y.O.V which stands for bring your own vinyl.

Each guest can bring one of his favourite records, let the Dj play it,  listen to it with friends or exchange it until the next Kollection.
One Way Records shop also helps you find your favourite vinyl which is missing in your Kollection, play it on Technics turntables and simply share a musical moment while enjoying a cocktails.

What about your Kollection ?
Join us to have a drink, eat and most importantly, dance until 1am on funky, groovy, soul and disco music.

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